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Earn FREE JuiceFresh Juice

Enjoy Free Juice And Earn Even More At Your Wellness Party

Host your own JuiceFresh Wellness Party™.  That’s right – JuiceFresh is throwing a party and your friends are invited to get in on the awesome health and wellness.  Are you tired of wine parties and Tupperware parties and even lingerie parties?  Everyone you know will be excited to join the healthy fun and learn more about healthy juicing and foods at your your very own Wellness Party™ and let JuiceFresh do the work. 

Invite your friends for a FREE Tasting of awesome juices, raw and fermented foods made entirely from organic ingredients.  Learn about the benefits of cleansing your body and jump start positive changes in your life.  Learn about the importance of overall gut health and how a healthy diet may help shed unwanted weight, boost your energy and learn more about possible connections between your habits and cravings while you explore potential pathways to reducing inflammation and pain.

A knowledgeable JuiceFresh Wellness Ambassador will lead the 45 minute presentation at your home or office including FREE samples.  All you do is to simply serve water and a veggie tray and let JuiceFresh bring everything else.  Call 1-844-584-2366 or email us info@juicefresh.net to learn more.  You will receive $25 in FREE juice and can earn even more!  Treat your friends and family to the priceless gift of knowledge about health & wellness at your JuiceFresh Wellness Party™.  Give us call or email today!