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Movies & Videos About Juicing & Wellness

Are you looking for encouragement for undertaking your juice cleanse.  Maybe you have made a decision to be healthier and want more information about the power of juicing and a healthy diet.  Are you facing a health challenge and want more information about detoxification?  These movies and videos may help you on your journey back to wellness.

Fit, Healthy And More Alive Than Ever! A businessman from Australia by the name of Joe Cross has likely done more than any other single person to bring the reality of the power of juicing to the public.  Below is an extended trailer for Joe's documentary (available on Netflix) which is titled Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.  You may not like the name and they should probably have called the movie Fit, Healthy & More Alive Than Ever, but you will love what fresh juicing will do for you!  Check out these educational and entertaining movies... they may change your life for the better! Here's another great video that you may enjoy about true stories of healing.  Here's a trailer for The Gerson Miracle which can be viewed on Youtube, Netflix or Hulu. Food Matters - profile on The Sickness Industry Hungry For Change - you may never be hungry for processed food again