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Established in 2013, JuiceFresh is your source for the highest quality organic juice and 3-Day Juice Cleanse.  Order directly from our website or visit our retail store in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware or pick-up at our 8 locations throughout the Mid-Atlantic.  We produce only the highest quality fresh and completely unprocessed juice satisfying thousands of customers for four years.  Our reputation is for having the best tasting and highest quality truly raw juice available anywhere and it is always made with organic fruits and vegetables.

No HPP at JuiceFresh

JuiceFresh does NOT treat its juice with Bariatric HPP (High Pressure Pascalization).  The vast majority of so-called "green juices in the marketplace are processed with the HPP treatment.  This is why JuiceFresh tastes so great and why our clients get such outstanding results with our 3-Day Cleanse.  Most clients repeat their cleanse within 6 months.  JuiceFresh is registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

JuiceFresh is available via home delivery (in 21 states), at our retail store in Rehoboth Beach, DE, at local farmers markets (MD, DE, DC areas), at cooler locations in fitness studios and wellness centers throughout the mid-Atlantic and at our exclusive in-home/in-office Wellness Parties.  Contact us for information on how your friends or your company can take advantage of improved health and wellness through nutrition when JuiceFresh comes to you! 

If you have questions about your order, please reach out to us by phone or email.  We are here to help you on your juice journey to a stronger you through an abundance of wellness, powered by a plant-rich juice experience, infused with organic nutrition.

Want to meet us in-person, then visit us at JuiceFresh retail located at 37385 Rehoboth Ave. Ext, Unit 7, in Henlopen Junction Shopping Center in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware 19971.

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