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Home Delivery

JuiceFresh can deliver your order directly to your door and most orders are delivered in less than 24 hours.  We ship our Juice Cleanse detox program, Super 6-Packs and Subscription Orders to the following areas (listed below) of the continental United States.  The flat rate shipping and handling cost for a 3-Day Juice Cleanse is $35.  Your shipping charge includes a guarantee that your juice will be super cold and ready to enjoy plus you receive a durable and reusable foam cooler filled with reusable ice packs.  

Check the list below for your zip code and you will be able to easily determine if your shipment is standard next day overnight ground or 2-day overnight ground.  We are currently shipping to the yellow area (next day) and brown area (2 days) on the map above.  When you place your order online you will see the scheduled day that your order will leave our facility.  If you live in the yellow area you will receive your order the following day.  If you live in the brown area you will receive your order in two days.  For example, if your shipping day is Tuesday and you live in the yellow area you will receive your order on Wednesday and if you live in the brown area you will receive your order on Thursday.

00400 00599 1 day transit time
01000 01899 2 day transit time
02000 02499 2 day transit time
02700 02999 2 day transit time
03400 03499 2 day transit time
05200 05399 2 day transit time
05500 05599 2 day transit time
06000 06999 2 day transit time
07000 08999 1 day transit time
10000 10599 1 day transit time
10600 10699 2 day transit time
10700 11899 1 day transit time
11900 12899 2 day transit time
13000 14299 2 day transit time
14400 16599 2 day transit time
16600 16699 1 day transit time
16700 16799 2 day transit time
16800 16899 1 day transit time
16900 16999 2 day transit time
17000 18799 1 day transit time
18800 18899 2 day transit time
18900 22799 1 day transit time
22800 22999 2 day transit time
23000 23299 1 day transit time
23300 23799 2 day transit time
23800 23899 1 day transit time
23900 24199 2 day transit time
24300 24599 2 day transit time
24900 24999 2 day transit time
25400 25499 1 day transit time
25800 26999 2 day transit time
26200 26699 2 day transit time
26700 26799 1 day transit time
26800 27999 2 day transit time
28300 28399 2 day transit time
28500 28599 2 day transit time
43900 43999 2 day transit time
44400 44799 2 day transit time
JuiceFresh is shipping to the following states:
Georgia (parts as shown)
Michigan (parts as shown)
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New York
North Carolina
Rhode Island
South Carolina
West Virginia

How do we pack your JuiceFresh 3 Day Cleanse?  To guarantee that your order arrives safely and your juice is super-cold and super-fresh, as soon  as your order is bottled we pack it for secure transit.  First we utilize the highest quality reusable foam insulated cooler and precisely pack each bottle of juice.


Then we surround your juice insulated freezer packs designed to maintain the precise temperature for your juice - Ice Cold, but never frozen.


Finally,we seal the cooler with a thick insulated foam lid and add an extra layer of secure cardboard outer shell and then whisk your order onto a waiting UPS truck for delivery to you the next business day.  Because of our precision shipping system, most orders are in-transit less than 24 hours and if you live outside of our massive Guaranteed Next Day Ground Service region (the yellow Mid-Atlantic section on the map above), then your shipment will arrive within approximately 48 hours of being loaded which is well within the capacity of our shipping system to keep your order cold, fresh and ready to enjoy.

We are extremely fortunate to be centrally located so that our overnight ground shipping and 2-day ground shipping area is so large and reaches the most populated regions of the U.S.  Add the fact that shipments from Delaware are TAX FREE and that's one more reason to entrust your juice cleanse to the experts at JuiceFresh.  We've been delivering thousands of juices and the best-tasting and most effective 3 Day Cleanse for over 7 years and our long list of satisfied clients is a testament to the quality of our products. If you are interested in Next Day Air shipping because you live outside of our ground shipping service area, feel free to contact us for a rate quote.  

Our 3 Day Cleanse shipment weighs approximately 35 pounds, so overnight air shipping is not cheap and that is why we are so excited to be located in the most central location in the Mid-Atlantic and we operate from TAX FREE Delaware which is an added bonus for you!  We do offer Next Day Air shipping.   If you enjoy your JuiceFresh as much as we do, then it may be worth the extra cost for overnight or 2-Day Air shipping to as far away as California or Texas.  We have customers in nearly every state because great-tasting, genuine raw, organic  (non-HPP) juice can be hard to find. 

Ground shipping for JuiceFresh customers is ideal and affordable based on our location.   Here's another bonus.  If you are able to return your shipping carton, cooler & ice packs, we'll give you a FREE juice!  For additional information on regular weekly Juice Club subscribers or Super-Six Pack order shipping charges, please give us a call today at (844) 584-2366 or email: info@juicefresh.net  

Special note regarding two-day shipping region.  If you live in the brown area (see map above) we can ship your order on Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays.  Your order cannot be shipped on Thursday or Friday as it would not be delivered until the following Monday.