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JuiceFresh Flavors & Ingredients

Your Recipe For Success

All juices are not created equal. Why does JuiceFresh taste better, stay fresher longer and make me feel some much better than other juices? It's simple. JuiceFresh is Optimized To Freshness™. Our exclusive 4-Step JuiceFresh Crush™ makes all the difference. Your JuiceFresh is never treated. Your juice is never subjected to the heat of pasteurization. Your juice is never subjected to 37,000 pounds per square inch of High Pressure Pascalization (HPP). If you see a juice that says "Cold Pressured", that's just a fancy way to say it has been treated by HPP so that it has an extended shelf life. At JuiceFresh we never HPP our juice. We never add sugar. We never add water. The only ingredient in your juice is fresh fruits and vegetables. JuiceFresh offers six amazingly great tasting cold press green juices.  

Four of our flavors are included in our 3-Day Juice Cleanse and are indicated with an *. 


I.  Our Green Juices

Antioxidant Blast* - kale, collards, bok choy, carrots, oranges & Granny Smith apples  (3-day Juice Cleanse includes 5 qty. 16 oz. Antioxidant Blast)

Green Greatness* - kale, collards, bok choy, cucumber & Granny Smith apples
(3-Day Juice Cleanse includes 5 qty. 16 oz. Green Greatness)

If you are taking a blood thinner remember that kale, collards, spinach and certain leafy greens are a natural source of Vitamin K1 (also known as phytonadione, phylloquinone or phytomenadione) which strengthens your blood and may counteract your blood thinner.  Remember to talk to your Doctor about Vitamin K1 if you're on a blood thinner. We all need Vitamin K1 for bone protein and to avoid Osteoporosis. Prolonged use of antibiotics can disrupt Vitamin K synthesis. If you are having problems with bleeding and bruises, remember that Vitamin K may help.


II. Our Non Brassica Green Juice

Verde Sol* - spinach, cucumber, Granny Smith Apples, oranges and lemon.
(3-day Juice Cleanse includes 5 qty. 16 oz. Verde Sol)

Traditionally referred to as "cruciferous" for the cross-like shape of the four equal sized petals in a flower, or by the Latin name Brassicaceae (translation: cabbage), Verde Sol is a specially designed juice for customers who may have thyroid issues. If your diet requirements call for reduced intake of kale or other brassica vegetables, Verde Sol is the juice for you.


III. Our Introductory Juice

Island Breeze* - kale, bok choy, carrots, Granny Smith apples, oranges & pineapple (3-Day Juice Cleanse includes 3 qty. 16 oz. Island Breeze).

Island Breeze is what we call an introductory juice. It is sweetened with a dash of pineapple juice to make it super tasty even for the individual who may have never experienced green juice. We also refer to it as a dessert juice because Island Breeze is great for satisfying cravings for late night sweets or if a green juice is too strong for you first thing in the morning. Technically, Island Breeze still qualifies as a "green" juice because it includes kale and bok choy.


IV. Our Non Green Juice 

Orange Crush - oranges, carrots & Granny Smith Apples
(3-Day Juice Cleanse does not include Orange Crush)

Orange Crush is not a green juice. It's awesome tasting and you will love it, but "OC" is not included in the 3-Day JuiceFresh Cleanse. "OC" does not include any chlorophyll and what it may lack in detoxifying power of chlorophyll, it makes up for in awesome taste. If you're looking for a way to get your family off soda, this may be the ticket. Just wait until you taste Orange Crush for yourself.


V. Our Beet Juice 

Terra Vida - red beets,carrots, oranges, pineapple & lemon                              (3-Day Juice Cleanse does not include Terra Vida)

Terra Vida is a deep, rich, powerful, red beet juice that has sweet earthy tones. Beet juice is strength in a bottle and this blend may be the best juice you have ever tasted. Read about the heart health and healing benefits of Terra Vida and you'll be a "beetliever" too! Terra Vida is not part of our standard "green" 3-day juice cleanse but we can substitute. Just ask!  Thousands of people who "don't like beets", love Terra Vida.