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Do you enjoy having fresh, raw, organic juice at your fingertips whenever you want it?  Do you want the convenience of knowing you are getting exactly the juice flavors you want and that your juice is always the freshest available?  Do you like saving money on every bottle of juice you buy and receiving FREE juice when you return your cooler?  Then JuiceClub is for you. 

For over five years, JuiceFresh has been sending a case of the freshest, coldest, organic juice in exactly the flavors our customers want right to their door every week - AUTOMATICALLY.  And get this.... they have been saving up to $1.00 off per bottle.  

How does it work? 

Making fresh juice is hard work.  Sourcing the freshest certified organic ingredients is not easy.  Our JuiceClub customers are subscription customers who have standing orders that we ship right to their door every week.  We offer a discount on all JuiceClub orders because we can rely on these orders every week and the orders are prepaid.  Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about JuiceClub. 

1)  Can I cancel?  Sure... cancel anytime you want.  

2)  Can I put my order on hold?  Sure... put your order on hold anytime. 

3)  Can I change my flavors?  Sure... change your flavors as you wish.  

4)  Do I get a discount?  Yes.  $0.50 cents off per bottle for orders of 6 quantity (minimum order) or more and $1.00 off per bottle for orders of 12 quantity or more. 

5)  How much does shipping cost?  $19.95 for 6 juices, $25 for 12 juices. 

6)  Where do you ship?  Click here for shipping info

7)  Can I join JuiceClub online?  You can email us or call us and we will start your subscription.  You cannot purchase JuiceClub in our online shopping cart.

For more information or to get signed up for JuiceClub, please contact us today.  Join the many customers who save money and enjoy knowing their juice order will be delivered each week automatically.  

info@juicefresh.net    844-584-2366