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Daily Detox Superfood Blend

Daily Detox Superfood Blend


A gentle way to help remove toxins and increase energy.

Organic Baobab Tree of Life: Rich in vitamins and minerals. May aid weight loss. May help balance blood sugar levels. Antioxidant and Polyphenol content may reduce inflammation. High fiber content may promote digestive health. Great for endurance and muscle recovery after workouts.

Organic Moringa: Nourishing to skin and hair. May help with edema, the liver, and stomach. May fight against bacterial disease, may strengthen bones and help with mood disorders.

Organic Kale: Prebiotic and antioxidant rich! High in Vitamin K, A, C, as well as calcium that may benefit microbiome, digestion, iron, and inflammation. 

Organic Spirulina: Antioxidant rich and may have anti-cancer effects. May help cholesterol levels, blood sugar, and allergies. 

Organic Nettle Leaf: May reduce inflammation, may help enlarged prostate, may treat hay fever, may lower blood pressure and blood sugar.

Organic Chlorella: Very nutritious! Binds to heavy metals and aids detox. May help the immune system, cholesterol, blood pressure, sugar levels, and respiratory diseases.

Organic Lucuma: Loaded with antioxidants! May help blood pressure, heart health, and sugar levels.


1 Cannister= 30 servings

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