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Forever Young Superfood Blend

Forever Young Superfood Blend


Pro-Aging Blend: Look and feel your best!

Organic Collagen: Collagen is the body's most abundant protein, made up of amino acids, or peptides. It literally glues our bones, cartilage, skin, and blood vessels together! It's what makes our tissues grow, mature, and move. Its presence under your skin can keep it from sagging over time.

Organic Baobab Tree of Life: Rich in vitamins and minerals. May aid weight loss. May help balance blood sugar levels. Antioxidant and Polyphenol content may reduce inflammation. High fiber content may promote digestive health. Great for endurance and muscle recovery after workouts.

Organic Cordyceps: A powerful immune booster. May benefit the respiratory system, athletic performance, promotes longevity, liver, kidney, and sexual health. 
Organic Nettle Leaf: May reduce inflammation, may help enlarged prostate, may treat hay fever, may lower blood pressure and blood sugar.

Organic MSM: May decrease joint pain. Has anti-inflammatory effects, such as increasing glutathione levels. May speed recovery after exercise by reducing muscle damage and stress. May alleviate arthritis symptoms by reducing pain and stiffness. 

Organic Macqui Berry: Loaded with anti-aging antioxidants and may help bad cholesterol. 

Organic Silica: An essential mineral that is not included in most diets. May benefit hair, skin, and nail health. May improve joint health, boost bone health, heart health, digestion, boost immune system, and help with Alzheimer's symptoms.


1 cannister= 30 servings

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