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Juice cleanse workshop

Juice cleanse workshop


Your JuiceFresh Juice Cleanse Workshop

 Thinking about doing a Juice Cleanse?

Everything you ever wanted to know about your juice detox plus Top Secrets to Gut Health! 

What we heard from our clients following their 3-Day Cleanse

“I lost 10 pounds in 3 days. I have so much energy and I feel great!”  Greg W.

“I lost 11 pounds after on my 2nd JuiceFresh cleanse.  I feel amazing”.  Thelma D.

“I lost 11 pounds and I dropped 30 points on my blood pressure!”  Tom C.

   “I was so addicted to sugar before.  After the cleanse, I don’t even want it anymore.” Tanya H.

Reboot your body and experience a fresh start today! You’ve heard about juice and juice cleanses – this is your chance to learn the facts.
Have weight to lose? Don’t just lose weight - change your eating habits by losing those cravings!
BOOST your energy with the highest quality, raw juice made entirely with organic ingredients.


What’s included in your JuiceFresh Juice Cleanse Workshop?

*Learn the exciting benefits of detoxing through a juice cleanse.

*Learn new, helpful and real life ideas on how to be a healthier you!

*We will answer your questions and concerns you have about juice cleansing.  Clients submit up to 10 questions about juice cleansing and hear specific answers to your questions on our call.

* Did you know that 80% of your immune system is in your gut? Learn Top secrets to Gut Health!

* Receive $24 off a 3-Day Guided Juice Cleanse should you chose to purchase one.

 The JuiceFresh Juice Cleanse Workshop is a 90-minute experience conducted through conference call and online webinar. You may access the workshop by telephone or computer. For your convenience, group sessions are available weekday and weekends.  Once you have purchased your session, email us to schedule your specific workshop time at info@juicefresh.net


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